Sign up for Interest Groups May 16 - 31st

Interest Groups

Senior High campers will have a Bible Centered (discussion) interest group at lunch time and an active interest group at dinner time. Look through the list and start ranking your top 5 Bible Centered and Active Interest Groups!

Interest group sign up will begin at 6 pm on Sunday, May 16th and go through Monday, May 31st. You must be registered for camp to register for interest groups!

Bible Centered (Lunch time) Interest Groups

Action of Athletes


Who you are on the field or court can define who you are off the field. Let's talk about how we can play hard and honor our faith.



Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them” .

We will study 5 different women from the Bible and see what we can learn from their choices and how to apply these lessons to our own lives today.

This is a girls only Bible study



Let’s learn about how God wants us to view ourselves by diving into subjects like self worth, self image, self esteem, self doubt, and learn all about loving ourselves through the eyes of Christ.

Ladies only please!



We are going to look into prayer...  talking and walking with Jesus... what it looks like... how to pray...

We make our own prayer journals too... join me in Conversations with Jesus

What Do You Know About...


Quick--name 3 things about Noah - are you thinking of a bible school lesson? Or Zacchaeus - are you signing about a wee little man?

What was their understanding of God? Look at these stories with fresh eyes. Walk with these people of the Bible as we discuss their story.

Teens, Troubles & TRUTH


1 in 5 individuals experiences mental illness, and yes, that number includes church people! Let's talk about what God has to say about truth, hope, and healing for those who are hurting.



Your decisions determine the quality and direction of your life. Your decisions create "The Story of your Life".

Nobody plans to complicate their lives, but many do by making bad decisions! Come, listen and learn how to have the life God has designed for you!!



This group learns new songs, black spirituals, and lakeside classics. Take part in the walking choir and sing for your camp peers during praise and worship.

If you select Choir as your lunchtime interest group, there is a select group of "Bible Centered" interest groups that you must choose from for your dinner time interest group.



We will look at scripture that talks about serving others as we are the hands and feet of Christ on Earth. You will work, so plan to do physical labor and bring some extra “work clothes and shoes” with you because doing God’s work can be messy!

If you select Missions as your lunchtime interest group, there is a select group of "Bible Centered" interest groups that you must choose from for your dinner time interest group.

Active (Dinner time) Interest Groups

Art Interest Group



We will be creating a fruit of the spirit mulit-media project and an acrylic project.

If you like to paint and/or draw you will love this project!

Crafts for the Congregation | Lakeside for Youth Interest Groups

Crafts For The Congregation


Do you like to make crafts? We will make several projects through the week. You could use your new skills to lead groups in your congregation for outreach of all ages!

Bible Journaling Interest Group



Learn a little magic and how to apply your new skills for worship.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Have you ever wonder how you can honor God with your athletic gifts and abilities? In this very active, sport and activity filled interest group, learn how to use your athletic talents to glorify God.

Worship U

Worship Band


We are looking for band members that want to worship, learn, and just have a good time worshipping God. In each session, we will do a quick devotional, pray and then make some music together. 

If you play keys, guitar, bass, drums sing, or you have another talent you would like us to consider, send a quick video of you using your talent to or text to (937)684-6684

Prayer Walk

Putting the bible in action


Spend the week diving into verses of the bible, then doing hands on activities that reflect the message.