Jamie Hudgins Junior High Impact Speaker

Once overheard saying, “I may be a nut, but thank God I’m screwed on to the right bolt!”, Jamie brings a simple love for Jesus to everything he does.  Having been in ministry since the 1980’s Jamie’s done it all!  Well, maybe not all, but a lot!  Youth minister, Worship Leader, Retreat Speaker, Teacher, Musician, and most recently, Lead Pastor of a church plant in Georgia to name a few.  His Black Suburban (FF BOB) and trusty side kick Taco (the pig) have spent time in GA, NC, SC, VA, MS, TN, KY, WV, OH, AR, and FL sharing about Jesus and leading in amazing times of worship.  While no stranger to Lakeside, it has been a while, and Jamie is looking forward to spending time back in South Auditorium with Pastor Neal, Pastor Todd and YOU!