Still have questions about Lakeside For Youth?

Do I need a background check?

If you will be 18 years old or over while you are at camp, you will need a background check.

Can I send mail to my camper(s)?

YES! Either send it to camp with the Senior Counselor or mail it
in plenty of time to:

Lakeside Association
Attn: Camper Name
c/o Senior or Junior High Lakeside for Youth
236 Walnut Avenue
Lakeside, Oh 43440

Please specify Senior High or Junior High.

Is there a camp dress code?

Yes, we strive to honor Christ with our actions as well as with our dress.

Lakeside will continue to be a T-Shirt only camp. This means CREW NECK T-SHIRTS ONLY (with sleeves; like your camp shirt)!!! NO sleeveless shirts (including t-shirts with the sleeves cut out) and NO fitted “baby doll” tees! Please respect this rule. Buttoned polo’s are allowed. Obviously, cami’s (unless under a t-shirt), tank tops, halters, strapless or one shoulder tops may not be worn either.

Shorts must be a minimum of finger-tip length. Please no short shorts, short skirts, ultra low waist, rolled down waistbands or stomachs or undergarments exposed. No clothing will be allowed with inappropriate language or designs. Any camper who chooses to wear clothes that are not in keeping with camp policy will be asked to change, or appropriate clothing will be provided for him/her to wear.

There is a pool at Lakeside and depending upon the conditions of the lake, swimming may or may not be an option. We will announce on the first day of camp whether or not swimming will be allowed. Just in case, girls bring your one piece, guys grab your board shorts. Plan on wearing normal clothes to and from the pool or lake, towel traveling is not allowed.

What should I bring to camp?

Packing List
• Bible
• Pen/Pencil/Highlighter
• One outfit for each day of camp, plus a couple extra
• One pair of jeans/long pants
• Light jacket/sweatshirt
• Pajamas
• Undergarments
• Shoes
• Swimsuit (one piece for girls, board shorts for boys)
• Rain Gear
• Pillow/Pillow case
• Sheets/Blanket or Sleeping Bag
• Bath Towel and washcloth

• Beach Towel
• Soap
• Shampoo
• Toothbrush/Toothpaste
• Deodorant/Antiperspirant
• Sunscreen
• Insect Repellent
• Flashlight/Batteries
• Any applicable prescription medicines
(in original container)

Optional Items
• Books for personal time
• Waterproof shower shoes or rubber flip flops
• Something to carry your bath items in

• Money for Missions!!
• Camera
• Money for personal use (buying snack or gifts at Marilyn’s)

Lakeside for Youth allows campers to bring cell phones, MP3 players and their necessary accessories; however, none of these items are allowed at Morning Watch, South Auditorium sessions, Interest Groups or meals in Wesley Lodge. Some churches set additional restrictions/guidelines at their discretion. Attending churches and Lakeside for Youth will not
be held responsible for lost or stolen electronic items.

What’s Expected of Me?

Your Mission Statement….
Our mission is to experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a new and living way. Our purpose is to set this Gospel before youth and to strengthen and equip these disciples for the life to which God is calling you as Christians.

As a reminder of what is expected during your special week, we agree to the following:
1. Bring your Bibles to scheduled events and constantly seek God’s presence.
2. Be present and ON TIME to ALL scheduled events
3. Eat something at each meal served in Wesley. You pay for it, you will eat it!
4. CELL PHONES ARE FOR AT YOUR HOUSE OR FREE TIME ONLY. Cell phones being used at any scheduled camp function by a camper will be taken and held by a counselor or CIT and returned at free time or the end of the day.
5. Respect and follow the dress code at all times.
6. Get enough sleep so you don’t sleep during scheduled events.
7. Remain on Lakeside grounds at all times except by written permission from your counselor.
8. Only senior counselors may drive cars during Lakeside.
9. If conditions permit, you may swim during free time and when the lifeguard is on duty.
10. Do not use Lakeside rental water equipment.
11. No illegal substance use (tobacco, alcohol or other drugs) of any kind.
12. No weapons of any kind are permitted.
13. Report all accidents and illnesses to your counselor, nurse or staff member immediately.
14. Use of water devices and shaving cream only during free time and only with the permission of the recipient.
15. No public displays of affection.
16. There will be no unrehearsed happenings on stage in South Auditorium. Everything must be approved by the stage manager.
17. Seek counsel of friends or staff members when problems arise.
18. You are required to wear your wristband all week.
19. You are required to wear your nametag around your neck at all times.

Questions about the new Pool and Wellness Center at Lakeside?

Information may be found HERE.

How can I ask a specific question?

Email [email protected] if you have a specific question.