Interest Group Topics

This is a list of the 2023 interest groups. The 2024 list will be posted in the spring.

How it works: Senior High campers will have a Bible Centered (discussion) interest group at lunch time and an active interest group at dinner time. Look through the list and start ranking your top 5 Bible Centered and Active Interest Groups!

You must be registered for camp to register for interest groups! Junior High campers do not need to register for interest groups. There are set groups that you will rotate through.

Bible Centered (Lunch time) Interest Groups

Spiritual GiftS


What are spiritual gifts? How do I know my spiritual gifts?

Let's talk about these questions and figure it out together.

PRayer walk


What is a prayer walk? Come find the answer and help create a Lakeside prayer walk.



It has been said, “To Forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the
prisoner was you.” Yikes! How do you forgive someone who has really hurt you?

How do you forgive someone who doesn’t think they did anything wrong? We are going to dig deep into Forgiveness. What does Jesus say about Forgiveness? How did Jesus model Forgiveness?

As we dig deep, you’ll unpack your own stuff: “Do I need to forgive anyone? How will I forgive them? Have I hurt someone and need forgiveness for myself? Do I need to forgive myself?” Yep, it may sound a little scary, but “Unforgiveness” sometimes comes with a high price tag. In this interest group, we’re going to find Forgiveness: Free of Charge.



What does every day life look like in today’s world with God! Come learn about life getting too hard to stand, so worshiping and kneeling in prayer become a necessity! As you get to know the names of God and understand their meaning, God’s character will become real to you in life-changing ways. By studying and understanding the characteristics of God as revealed through His names, you will be better equipped to face hardship and victory, loss and provision, and all of the challenges life throws at you.

Action of Athletes


Who you are on the field or court can define who you are off the field. Let's talk about how we can play hard and honor our faith.

People of the Bible


Joseph was obvioulsy his dad's favorite, that caused some tension. Jacob tricked his twin brother into trading his inheritance for stew. Moses didn't feel like he was up to what God was calling him to do.

Let's talk about what the people of the Bible were going through. Does it relate to what we go through today?

Active (Dinner time) Interest Groups

Art Interest Group



If you like to paint and  create, join us!

church tech

Church Tech


Do you feel pretty comfortable with technology and you want to explore how you can use that to help the church or just to be helpful in spreading the word of God?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Have you ever wonder how you can honor God with your athletic gifts and abilities? In this very active, sport and activity filled interest group, learn how to use your athletic talents to glorify God.


crafts for the congregation


Making crafts is a great way to connect with people. We will learn a few crafts to do with people of all ages.




This group learns new songs, black spirituals, and lakeside classics. Take part in the walking choir and sing for your camp peers during praise and worship.

If you select Choir as your lunchtime interest group, your Bible Centered" interest groups will be at dinner time.