Where do you stay when you are a camper at Lakeside for Youth?

Senior High campers can either stay in camp housing, which are rustic or rent a house from Lakeside Chautauqua Realty or Street Sotheby's. Most youth groups (but not all) rent a house from one of the two realtors mentioned above. The cost varies on how many it sleeps and how close it is to the lake.

Rockford UMC Youth Group at their Lakeside house
Rockford UMC Youth Group

Private Housing

Youth groups for Senior High may choose to rent a house from one of Lakeside's two rental merchants.

The Harper/Big Springs youth group in front of their house at Lakeside
The Harper/Big Springs Youth Group

Camp Housing

Junior High Campers will stay in camp housing.

Wo-ho-Mis is kind of like a dorm that fits many campers, with a lounge or community area on the bottom floor, boys on one floor, and girls on the other. There are bunk beds and a community bathroom on the two floors where campers stay.

The cabins have bunk beds and a bathroom. There are two "hooked" together so that you can have boys in one and girls in the other, but still be close. Hilltop and the Hilltop annex are also camp housing. Rustic camping choices are included in the camp housing price.

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